7214-EMK External Mounting Kit


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The AES 7214-EMK is used remotely mount a 7214 (rubber duck) antenna in an indoor location when
mounting directly to the subscriber unit is not practical (close to metal, insufficient space, etc.). The
7214-EMK is also useful when there is difficulty achieving adequate RF signal within the installation
environment. Often times relocating the antenna to another location in the room/building will improve
performance. The 7214-EMK should be mounted to a solid wall surface and secured using appropriate
sized screws for the mounting surface (use anchors as necessary). The kit contains 6’ (six feet) of RG-58
cable with the appropriate connectors. Installers may fabricate their own cable using the following
 Lengths up to 25’ using RG-58
 Lengths up to 50’ using RG-8
The kit contains:
 1 Mounting bracket
 1 TNC male connector
 1 TNC female bulkhead connector
 6’ RG-58 coaxial cable